Ravaglioli Lift Pad 110mm 3 Lug

£60.00 ex. VAT

Set of four Ravaglioli lift pads.

Price includes next day signed for delivery!

To fit on lifts with a metal support plate (under the pad) of 110mm across and using 3 lugs to locate the pad.

Externally the pad measures 120mm.



This type of pad can be found on lifts:

  • KP305
  • KPN305
  • KPN234
  • KPN337
  • KPN326
  • KPN327
  • KPS326
  • KPS327
  • KPX337

If in doubt when ordering please measure the metal support plate to confirm which pad you require.

There is a similar larger pad listed here, with a support plate diameter of 135mm with 3 lugs.

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