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November 17, 2021

Why Lions Equipment recommends the MajorLift HPJ2.0DE manual Jacking Beam

Why Buy the MajorLift HPJ2.0DE over another model?

In any vehicle garage or workshop environment, when working on cars or vehicles one of the main requirements is to be able to get them up off the ground to facilitate the work. When using 4 post lifts and ramps then you will require a jacking beam to achieve this if you wish to go wheel free. The HPJ2.0DE manually operated Jacking Beam is a high-quality product that is designed to allow extra lift from a 4 post lift, so the wheels of the vehicle being lifted hang like when a car is on a two post lift (AKA Wheel-Free). Jacking Beams are extremely useful for this purpose and after our extensive time working with all brands and various models of Jacking Beams, Lions Equipment has chosen to recommend the MajorLift HPJ2.0DE as its go to jacking beam due to the fact that it will fulfil nearly all 2000KG lifting requirements and facilitate the carrying out of class 4 (class iv) MOT inspections in garages and vehicle workshops.

If you are a garage or workshop where you will be planning to be working on all 4 wheels (or the corners of the vehicle) at once, for example on the brakes, tyres or suspension we would recommend the fitting of two of the HPJ2.0DE Jacking Beams on your four post lift to have the vehicle in a wheel free position.

With a tried, tested and proven design that has been in production for over 30 years you can be confident that with the MajorLift HPJ2.0DE manual operated Jacking Beam you are getting an incredibly reliable jacking beam that will give you years of trouble service.

What is the lifting weight limit and other specifications of the HPJ2 Jacking Beam?

The MajorLift 2 tonne HPJ2.0DE has an extra-wide extending top beam which extends to a maximum to 1700mm, which exceeds the MOT class 4 (class iv) requirements. It uses a ram and scissors design and set up to achieve a full 260mm (10.25”) lift with proven hydraulics which make up the heart of every Majorlift jacking beam, giving it the gutsy, robust and very reliable service life that you would expect from a MajorLift product.

Safety Features that you can be glad of.

When you are using the HPJ2.0DE manual operated Jacking Beam you can be reassured by the three-position Mechanical Lock which engages automatically, thus creating a safe working platform when carrying out extensive wheel overhauls. Other safety features which are standard with this Jacking Beam are; hose burst valve, pressure release valve to prevent overloading and a finger guard complies with European machinery directive and CE marking.

Other points to like about the HPJ2.0DE manual operated Jacking Beam

  • Raiser Blocks – Supplied as standard with each beam. Rubber-topped screw pad 1532A and aluminium block 1526 that will fit anywhere over the length of the beam. Additional blocks can be supplied as optional extras.
  • Roller Hook or Roller Flat Support Arms Supplied As Standard – Majorlift also supply support-arms (extra P.O.A) to accommodate most makes of lift including Bradbury, Tecalemit, Werther, Stertil-Koni, Stenhoj, Laycock, Hofmann, Istobal, Fogg, Ravaglioli, Nussbaum, Consul, Rotary, Maha, Autec, Sun, Cascos, Omer, Texo and Wheeltronics.
  • Support Arms – Easy roll operation from quality roller bearings – minimum effort, easy movement.
  • A robust finger guard curtain system, better than many other manufacturers.

So, having shared with you all the reasons why we consider this jacking beam to be a great choice for many situations in many garages and workshops, contact us now to discuss your needs and requirements and we will be glad to assist you.

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