Wire lifting ropes for vehicle lifts and ramps

Lifting ropes are a critical part within many vehicle lifts.

They are responsible for the safety of the operators and vehicle lift users.  Wire rope used in vehicle lifts is normally constructed using lengths of wire (a single wire is shown in blue on the diagram).

The lengths of wire are spun together to form what is known as a strand (shown in brown). Finally strands are formed around a centre core to produce a Wire Rope.

Rope explan

During a maintenance inspection the wire rope should be examined closely to determine if there are any broken wires. The position that a break occurs along the length of a rope is very important and when a break of any kind is close to a termination it becomes more serious.

We also need to be vigilant in looking for wire breaks that are in a close-cluster as these will put extra loads onto the surviving wires and strands.

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Because lift ropes are subject to water ingress, thus corrosion, clause 6 of BS 7980:2003+A1:2012 recommends that load suspension wire ropes that are over 6 years old should be replaced irrespective of their apparent condition.

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