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February 28, 2020

Wire Lifting Ropes - Why do they need checking?

With the majority of MOT lifts being of the 4 post type and also now mostly ATL based, we are finding many customers are unaware of the requirement to replace the wire ropes every six years (or before if damaged).

All Lions Equipment engineers are GEA accredited and have attended and passed a specialist course on wire rope inspections.

Whilst all MOT stations should have in place a service and calibration contract on their equipment, the actual lifts themselves are some times overlooked! MOT calibration engineers are often missing the signs of worn and damaged lifting ropes. We are seeing a rising trend in the MOT ramps not getting the thorough examinations that is required within the LOLER and PUWER regulations. As a result we are finding many garages are using lifts with damaged and dangerous ropes!

Broken lifting ropes on MOT and 4 post lifts cause a huge amount of down time (let alone the possibility of endangering the life of MOT ramp operators) and inconvenience. Replacement of lifting ropes before they fail is going to ensure your MOT lift continues to work interrupted and keeps your staff safe.

Contact Lions Equipment (UK) Ltd to get a quote for lifting rope / cable replacement today!

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