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Lions Equipment has been supplying and maintaining Garage and Workshop equipment throughout the UK since 1985. We offer a complete Sales and After Sales service with highly experienced factory trained engineers.

If you are looking for any spare parts or consumables for vehicle lifts, jacking beams and wheel play detectors please use our Workshop Equipment Library app to locate your item of workshop equipment and from there you will then be able to either find parts directly related to that item or will be able to contact us with your enquiry, whether it relates to a breakdown, spare parts, routine servicing or calibration of that item.  Lions Equipment has a wealth of experience when it comes to servicing and maintaining vehicle lifts and also any garage equipment repairs that you may require to keep your equipment in good working order.

ATL wheel play detector controller handset torches

Wheel play detectors have been in use now since 2006 in class 4 and 7 MOT testing. The Italian hydraulically driven units are found on many different branded MOT lifts and ramps. Werther, Apac, Snap On, LiftMaster, John Bean, Sun, Hoffman, OMA , Tecalemit to name a few.

Lions Equipment UK can supply new handsets for most manufacturers and models of ATL shaker plates. Please call 01280 822 089 or contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you wish to work out which of our ATL controller handsets will be a suitable replacement please click here to use our Torch Finder App which will open in a new window.

Wire lifting ropes for vehicle lifts and ramps

Lifting ropes are a critical part within many vehicle lifts.  They are responsible for the safety of the operators and vehicle lift users.  Lions Equipment UK has over 80 years engineers experience in the supply and installation of wire lifting cables, contact us to discuss your next interval replacement requirements.

Tesla Lift pad

Since the first delivery of the Tesla Model 3 in Europe in February 2019, requests for a safe solution for lifting this vehicle type have been increasing. Lifting a Tesla Model 3 can damage the battery considerably. The rubber lifting pad of most vehicle lifts is too wide for the lifting point of the vehicle […]

Play Detectors - Your MOT helping hand

Wheel play detectors are now commonplace within MOT stations since their introduction in 2006. Lions Equipment has been supplying play detectors throughout this time and we have an in-depth knowledge of their operation and workings. As a result we often receive contact from new clients who haven't managed to get their play detectors fixed by […]

Wire Lifting Ropes - Why do they need checking?

With the majority of MOT lifts being of the 4 post type and also now mostly ATL based, we are finding many customers are unaware of the requirement to replace the wire ropes every six years (or before if damaged). All Lions Equipment engineers are GEA accredited and have attended and passed a specialist course […]


Lions Equipment has been supplying Italian equipment since the 1980’s. Vehicle lifts, (often called “ramps”) Mot bays, auxiliary service equipment and an extensive range of tyre changing machinery.  Lions Equipment can guide you through to find the correct equipment to suit your requirements.


Servicing is an integral way of ensuring any potential faults are picked up before an issue arises. Ultimately reducing breakdowns and keeping you compliant with insurance policies and legislation.   Inline with LOLER and PUWER regulations Lions Equipment is able to ensure you comply with the standards expected of garage and workshop equipment.


A comprehensive in-house parts department holds spare parts for a large range of vehicle lifts and other garage equipment. With a such an extensive stock of parts, our engineers are equipped to ensure first time fixes where ever possible. We carry stock of (now) obsolete parts for older equipment too, often allowing refurbishment of equipment that might have been deemed unviable for repair.
As more and more companies look to “Turn key operations” it is a comforting thought to know that as far as equipping your workshop is concerned, you can leave that task to Lions Equipment, we have the knowledge and the expertise to fit out your workshop to your specification – from architects drawings to open day.  Lions Equipment will ensure that everything runs smoothly, therefore releasing you and your staff from the burden. Should you require any more information on our company’s services or products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lions Equipment UK

Lions Equipment has been supplying Italian equipment since the 1980’s.  Let us guide you to find the correct equipment to suit your requirements.