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Calibration and Certification

Upholding Standards, Guaranteeing Compliance

In the world of automotive servicing, precision is not just a measure of quality, but a regulatory requirement. Lions Equipment (UK) Ltd stands at the forefront of calibration and certification services, ensuring your workshop equipment meets the required industry standards and legislation.

Your Compliance, Our Commitment

With the ever-evolving landscape of Health and Safety and Vehicle Inspectorate legislation, it’s imperative that your workshop not only stays compliant but also ahead of the curve. Our Programmed Certification and Calibration contracts are tailored to align with these stringent requirements, providing the necessary documentation to satisfy both legal standards and insurance company mandates.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Vehicle Lifts

We certify that your vehicle lifts operate with the utmost accuracy, ensuring safety and efficiency in handling vehicles of all sizes.

Brake Testers

Our calibration services for brake testers guarantee that your readings are precise, providing reliable data for critical safety assessments.

Headlamp Beam Testers

Correct alignment of headlamps is vital for road safety. We certify that your headlamp beam testers are calibrated to the highest standards.

Emission Machines

In an era where emissions standards are more critical than ever, our services ensure that your emission machines provide accurate measurements, aiding in environmental compliance.

Why Lions Equipment for Calibration and Certification?

- Expertise: Our engineers possess the expertise required to calibrate and certify a wide range of garage equipment with meticulous attention to detail.

- Compliance: We ensure that your equipment meets all current regulations, helping you avoid costly fines and downtime.

- Insurance Assurance: Many insurers require regular certification of lifting equipment; we provide the necessary paperwork to maintain full coverage.

- Peace of Mind: With Lions Equipment, you have the assurance of knowing that your equipment is certified by a reputable and professional team.

Tailored Quotes for Your Unique Needs

Every workshop has unique needs, and we are dedicated to providing bespoke quotes that reflect the specific requirements of your business. Our goal is to offer a service that not only ensures compliance but also enhances the efficiency and reliability of your workshop equipment.

Contact Us for Certification and Calibration Excellence

At Lions Equipment, we pride ourselves on delivering services that are as precise as the equipment we calibrate. Reach out to us to discuss your certification and calibration needs, and rest assured that your equipment will exemplify the highest standards of operational excellence.

Trust in Lions Equipment to certify and calibrate your workshop equipment, because when it comes to precision, every detail counts. Contact us now for a customised quote.

Lions Equipment UK

Lions Equipment has been supplying Italian equipment since the 1980’s.  Let us guide you to find the correct equipment to suit your requirements.