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February 7, 2020

Four Post Lift installation

A lift for the tinkerer.

This installation was for a private dwelling in Oxfordshire. A purpose built garage (erected along with the house), was to be used for vehicle inspection and general tinkering of the owner's classic and race cars. The lift featured is a basic service four post lift with the added benefit of the use of two hydraulic jacking beams, which allow full wheel free lifting. This aids swift wheel and tyre replacements as the complete car can be raised off of the lifting platforms.

Installation was arranged after the lift had been stored on site during the building work, hence the dust in the first part of the video.

Four post lift choice.

There are a number of variations available within the four post ranges. There are benefits to using some over others, dependant of your requirements. Lions Equipment understands your needs , whether you are a hobbyist or a large franchise dealership, we will always recommend a suitable lift and be able to show you the features and benefits over the range to help you make your choice.

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