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The LE300 - The 'GO TO' shaker plate controller!

If you are looking for a low cost replacement torch controller for your ATL MOT lane then the LE300 is the unit that you have been waiting for.  It is a direct replacement for all Italian based models (as shown below) of lifts since they were released in 2006.

Click here to purchase the LE300 direct from the website, alternatively call us on 01280 822 089 or email parts@lionsequipmentuk.com to place an order or to discuss any queries you may have regarding whether the LE300 will be suitable for replacing your current faulty unit.

The manufacture has recently changed the ATL controller again, this time making the older generations obsolete. The manufacturers current work around entails a new torch and new PCB which costs circa £1000.00! Our LE300 handset does not require an updated PCB, resulting in considerable saving.

Please feel free to use the form below to enter your contact details and the model number of your existing controller and we will be in touch shortly.

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