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Load Testing Services

Comprehensive Load Testing Services for Garage Equipment

Lions Equipment (UK) Ltd is a premier provider of expert load testing services, dedicated to ensuring the integrity and safety of garage equipment. We specialise in the load testing of garage equipment, ensuring safety and compliance across your operational assets. With a deep-rooted commitment to quality, our rigorous testing services are essential for the certification of vehicle lifts and props in professional automotive settings and tailored to support the professional automotive industry.

Load Testing for Vehicle Lifts

Certification for New Installations and Relocations

Load testing for vehicle lifts is not just a safety measure but a compliance necessity. Whether it’s a new installation or a lift that has been relocated, our load testing service ensures that your equipment complies with all current regulations, including LOLER standards. Our experienced engineers conduct thorough evaluations for 2-post, 4-post, and scissor lifts, ensuring they can safely handle their designated loads.

Tailored Protocols for Every Lift Type

Our approach to load testing is as varied as the lifts we test. Whether your lifts are hydraulically or electromechanically driven, we can apply our bespoke testing protocol guaranteeing a certification you can trust.

Load Testing for Vehicle Props

The reliability of vehicle props, including air jack stands, is vital for the smooth operation of certain garage services. Our detailed load testing service is designed to ensure that every prop meets the robust safety standards required for their daily use in a range of automotive settings with minimum disruption to your business operations.

Ensuring Peak Performance and Safety

Load testing is integral to the certification process, giving you the confidence that your vehicle props will perform safely and efficiently. Our expert engineers bring precision to the testing process, offering certification upon completion and recommendations to enhance the lifespan and safety of your equipment.

Streamlined Collection and Delivery

We understand the operational demands of your business. To facilitate a smooth certification process, we can offer a full collection and delivery service, ensuring that the testing and certification of your vehicle lifts are conducted with minimal disruption to your services.

At Lions Equipment (UK) Ltd, we are proud to offer load testing services that reflect our 40 years of industry experience. Our unwavering attention to detail and customer-focused approach ensure that your garage equipment operates safely and complies with the most stringent regulations.

For load testing services that deliver certainty and reliability, contact Lions Equipment (UK) Ltd.

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