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Planned Service Contracts

Ensuring Excellence in Your Workshop’s Performance

At Lions Equipment, we comprehend that the heart of your garage or mechanics business is the workshop equipment. This indispensable arsenal enables your skilled engineers and mechanics to deliver outstanding service on your or your clients’ vehicles. Pause for a moment and ponder – how long can your business thrive with any of your equipment out of service?

The Pivotal Role of a Service Contract

Your workshop equipment is not merely tools; they are a pledge to quality and safety. To uphold this commitment, regular and precise maintenance is not a choice, but a necessity. In the spirit of the adage “A stitch in time saves nine”, we introduce our ‘Service and Thorough Examination Contract’ (STEC), a proactive approach to maintain and safeguard your machinery’s optimal performance.

The Assurance of STEC

By choosing STEC, you guarantee regular, scheduled care from our GEA accredited engineers, adept in pre-empting issues before they escalate. This not only instils confidence in the reliability of your equipment but is also a financially astute decision, mitigating the costly downtime of unexpected breakdowns.

If you wish to get a quote for a STEC then click here to enter some quick details and we will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements.

Aligning with PUWER and LOLER Regulations

Adherence to regulations like PUWER and LOLER is not just statutory; it’s a matter of safeguarding your team and reputation. While these can be managed internally, partnering with Lions Equipment offers a dedicated, expert service that keeps your focus on the business, not the bureaucracy.

PUWER Compliance

Our STEC ensures your equipment remains in top condition, fulfilling the requirements of PUWER by:

- Maintaining equipment efficiency, order, and repair.

- Keeping updated maintenance logs.

LOLER Adherence

With specific regard to lifting equipment, LOLER demands rigorous examination. Our service contracts align with these regulations, providing:

- Biannual thorough inspections.

- Maintenance records for a minimum of two years.

Your Investment in Reliability

STEC is your strategic investment towards regulatory compliance and uninterrupted machinery performance. This small outlay safeguards your business against significant losses due to equipment failure.

The Lions Equipment Service Contract Advantage

Choosing Lions Equipment means opting for excellence and assurance in equipment maintenance.

- Expertise: Highly skilled, GEA accredited engineers with a deep understanding of workshop machinery.

- Flexibility: Schedule inspections at your convenience, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

- Comprehensive Care: Meticulous servicing and maintenance for the longevity and reliability of your machinery.

- Tailored Solutions: Recognising unique needs, we offer customised contracts and flexible payment terms to suit every client.

Embrace the Lions Equipment service contract and ensure your workshop’s machinery is as dependable as the service you provide. Contact us now to secure the future of your business.

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