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February 28, 2020

Play Detectors - Your MOT helping hand

Lions Equipment and Wheel Play Detectors

Wheel play detectors are now commonplace within MOT stations since their introduction in 2006. Lions Equipment has been supplying wheel play detectors throughout this time and we have an in-depth knowledge of their operation and workings. As a result we often receive contact from new clients who haven't managed to get their play detectors fixed by other garage equipment companies. As specialists in this field we are able to achieve first time fixes on issues others have failed to rectify.

Wheel Play Detectors and DVSA Maintenance

Maintenance is required annually under the DVSA for MOT testing stations. Whilst your existing garage equipment servicing company may undertake this task within your MOT calibration and maintenance contract, we are continually finding that calibration engineers are often only carrying out a function test and not stripping down the mechanical systems of the play detectors for service and inspection as required by the manufacturer.

Failure to service your equipment properly can lead to you receiving action from the DVSA. The DVSA has recently been attended sites in London to carry out unannounced quality checks. These include your MOT management systems as well as MOT testing equipment. Issues found can result in the AEP and / or AEDM having to explain the reasons for faulty equipment being used. The DVSA will often put in place time sensitive repair / replacement requirements. This has led to an influx of callouts to rectify faulty equipment within as little 10 working days!

What does a Wheel Play Detector consist of?

There are two elements to play detector systems, control and mechanical. Lions Equipment is well versed in all of the quirks and issues that the control systems have. With years of experience we can effectively diagnosis and fix any issues found. We can supply, fit and setup new control boards as well as our renowned handset controller the LE300. Mechanically speaking the play detector plates are hydraulically driven by small and powerful rams, these push, pull and twist the plates (which vehicle wheels sit on) which run on a hard wearing plastic sliders. The stripping down of the mechanical plates ensures that any hydraulic leaks can be rectified along with the replacement of wearing components like the sliders. This prolongs the life of the system and allows smooth and precise movements, allowing you the best conditions to carry out you checks whilst doing an MOT.

Please contact Lions Equipment UK Ltd if you require any assistance regarding your MOT play detector system.

Lions Equipment UK

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