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Ravaglioli KPH370.45 LIK - Ravaglioli - LE00032PL

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Ravaglioli KPH370.45 LIK
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The RAV KPH370.45 LIK is a specific type of 2-post baseless lift with a weight capacity of 4500kg. It is equipped with four long three-stage arms, which span over 3 metres and which are ideal for lifting long wheelbase vans as well as making it easy to load cars onto the lift. The three-stage arms allow for a wide range of vehicle lifting points to be reached, providing greater versatility when lifting different types of vehicles. The lift features symmetric arms, which means that the arms are the same length and the vehicle can be loaded either forwards or backwards. This provides greater flexibility when lifting different types of vehicles.

2 Post Baseless lifts are a type of vehicle lift that features two vertical columns or posts, one on each side of the lift. These posts are connected at the top by a crossbeam for the cables to run through. The absence of a base plate allows for greater flexibility in positioning the lift in a workshop or garage. Baseless lifts also offer better access to the underside of the vehicle, as there is no obstruction between the two posts.  One of the key advantages of the baseless design is the flexibility in positioning the lift in a workshop or garage.

The RAV KPH370.45 LIK is hydraulically driven. This type of lift is commonly used in garages and workshops due to its reliability and ease of use. Additionally, the lift can be used with a single-phase electrical supply, which is widely available in most locations. This makes it a practical choice for small to medium-sized workshops where three-phase power may not be available. The combination of hydraulic power and single-phase electrical supply makes the RAV KPH370.45 LIK a versatile and practical choice for many workshops and garages.

Overall, the RAV KPH370.45 LIK is a robust and versatile 2-post lift that can accommodate a wide range of vehicles. Its baseless design and symmetric arms provide greater flexibility and ease of use, making it a valuable addition to any workshop or garage.

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