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Ravaglioli KPH370.55 LIKTA - Ravaglioli - LE00042PL

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Ravaglioli KPH370.55 LIKTA
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The RAV KPH 370.55 LIKTA lift has a baseless design, which means that there are no base plates on the ground. This allows for easier access to the underside of the vehicle, as there are no obstructions in the way. The lift is securely anchored to the ground through its columns, ensuring stability and safety during operation.

With a lifting capacity of 5500KG, this model of two-post vehicle lift is designed to handle a wide range of vehicles, including larger and heavier models. This makes it suitable for use in busy auto repair shops and car maintenance facilities, where a variety of vehicles may need to be serviced.

The lift is equipped with two long 3-stage arms and two long 4-stage arms, on roller bearings to ensure easy operation, which provide flexibility in accommodating different vehicle sizes and shapes. They have an arm span of over 4.1 metres allowing for easy access to the lifting points of larger vehicles.

The lift features an automatic arm locking and release system that simplifies the lifting process and enhances safety. The system ensures that the arms are securely locked in place before lifting the vehicle, and that they are automatically released when the vehicle is lowered back to the ground.

One of the most impressive features of the RAV KPH 370.55 LIKTA two-post vehicle lift is its hydraulic drive system, which offers smooth and precise lifting performance. With the turn of a button, the lift smoothly raises vehicles to the desired height, ensuring that maintenance and repair work can be carried out quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the lift is powered by a three-phase motor, which delivers reliable and consistent power to ensure that the lift can handle heavy loads with ease. This combination of hydraulic drive and three-phase power makes the RAV KPH 370.55 LIKTA lift an excellent choice for busy auto repair shops and car maintenance facilities that demand top-tier lifting equipment that can keep up with their needs.

For added safety, the lift also features a mechanical locking system that locks the arms in place at different heights during the lifting process. This ensures that the vehicle remains securely in place, even in the event of power failure or other technical issues.

The controls are designed to provide easy and intuitive operation, with clear and easy-to-understand markings.

The adjustable lifting pads of the RAV KPH 370.55 LIKTA lift can be customised to accommodate different types of vehicles, ensuring that they are lifted securely and evenly. The pads can be easily adjusted to fit the lifting points of the vehicle, providing a stable and secure lifting platform.

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