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Ravaglioli KPX337 WK - Ravaglioli - LE00012PL

£3,380.00 ex. VAT

Ravaglioli KPX337 WK
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Our best selling all round 2 post lift.

The Ravaglioli KPX337WK is a product that has been subtly updated over the last 25 years.

It's perfect synchronisation of the two independent posts has been what sets this lift apart from it's rivals.

With a capacity of 3200KG it is able to fulfil an array of different vehicle lifting requirements.

Small cars to large 4x4's.

Specced with drop in lift pad extensions this lift has the ability to lift chassis based vehicles without damaging side skirts and steps, whilst also maintaining the ability to go as low as sports cars with a minimum pad height of 95mm.

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