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February 19, 2022

Wire Rope patterning and matching service for unknown lift models and manufactures

When it comes to replacing wire ropes for a car lift, it can be challenging to find the right match or pattern if the lift model is unknown or the lift is unbranded. Wire ropes come in different sizes and configurations, and finding the perfect fit can be a daunting task for a specific use case. That's where the professional wire rope matching service from Lions Equipment UK comes in.

The wire rope matching service specialises in identifying, matching and patterning existing wire ropes for replacement with new ones. This service is especially crucial for car lift owners who need to replace worn-out or damaged wire ropes but cannot find the exact match.

The process of wire rope matching involves careful measurement, analysis, and identification of the wire rope's construction and materials. The matching service provider will work with the client to obtain all the necessary information, including the rope's diameter, construction type, number of strands, and lay direction. In most cases the best option is to have the original wire ropes removed and sent directly to Lions Equipment. To ensure that this is as easy as possible we will arrange a courier collection of the lift ropes if you are able to remove them yourselves, alternatively we can come and remove them for you.

Once the data is collected, the Lions Equipment will use specialised equipment to analyse and compare the existing wire rope with samples from their inventory. If a match is found, Lions Equipment will supply the client with the new wire rope, cut to the exact length required.

In cases where an exact match cannot be found, the wire rope matching service provider will work with the client to design a custom wire rope that will suit their needs. The provider will use the data obtained from the analysis to create a new wire rope with similar construction and performance capabilities.

Overall, a wire rope matching service provides a valuable solution for car lift owners who need to replace their wire ropes. By working with a professional provider, they can ensure that their car lift is operating safely and efficiently with the right wire ropes.

Please contact us now if you require any assistance with the wire ropes for your car lift or ramp.

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