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November 9, 2021

What Makes the Ravaglioli KPX337WK Such a Popular Two Post Lift?

The Ravaglioli KPX337WK is a popular two post lift that is used in professional garages and workshops throughout the UK, why is that so?

Ravaglioli manufacture some of the best garage equipment in the world, particularly specialising in vehicle lifts and tyre and test equipment. They are based in Italy and are also Europes leading manufacturer of garage lifting equipment and their equipment is all manufactured at their own factory. There are many reasons that the Ravaglioli KPX337WK is a popular two post lift for use in garages and workshops and we will run through them all in this article. The first and what is also one of the main points that should be highlighted is that this particular double posted lift has been in production for over 20 years. During that time there have only been minor refinements carried out to the Ravaglioli KPX337WK as it has proved so reliable from the very beginning. This point alone means that you can buy this very competitively priced car hoist knowing that it has a proven track record of delivering not only the reliability but also the functionality and flexibility that is required in professional garages.

What type of vehicle lift is the Ravaglioli KPX337WK?

The fundamental design and construction of the Ravaglioli KPX337WK is that it is a baseless asymmetrical electro-mechanical two post lift that has a lifting capacity of 3200 KG. The weight capacity lets you know how much weight the lift can handle. Depending on what you are planning to do will determine what type of lift you need and how heavy-duty it needs to be. Always check weight capacity and compare it to the vehicles you will be working on. The lifting capacity of 3200 KG that the Ravaglioli KPX337WK is rated for allows for a wide range of vehicles to be worked on, including medium wheelbase commercial vans, large SUVs and also pick up trucks like the ubiquitous Ford Ranger. The other important point to note is that the K at the end of the lift model name references that it has the ability to accept 'drop in' lift pad extension pieces (min. pad height 95 mm) which takes what was already a versatile vehicle ramp and opens up even further possibilities in its use and what type of vehicles can be lifted upon it. For this reason we would always recommend this model.

How does the Ravaglioli KPX337WK lift the vehicles?

As with every electro-mechanical vehicle two post lift it uses lift nuts running on threaded spindles to raise and lower the arms of the lift with the added benefit that the threaded spindles allow for very fine adjustment in the height positioning when working on a vehicle. The spindle or ‘rolled screws’ are manufactured from a high resistance steel to ensure long and hassle free use throughout their life. The Ravaglioli KPX337WK also benefits from having main lift nuts that are made of bronze (no plastic) with a high resistance to wear for greater safety and a longer working life. The spindles and the lift nuts also have an automatic and permanent nut lubrication system to guarantee efficient lubrication during lifting and descent. The rolled screw spindles are driven by two independent specially manufactured three phase high efficiency motors mounted on the top of each post. The controls for this CE approved lift are also low voltage which is always a good idea.

Why do baseless and asymmetrical mean good things for a workshop when choosing a vehicle lift?

Baseless lifts have 4 clear reasons why they are better than the older fashioned ‘base frame’ lift design. Firstly having no base frame means that equipment such as transmission jacks can easily be moved and accurately positioned underneath a vehicle with no obstructions. After that, in which ever order you prefer, is that there is no trip hazard between the posts at any point, the lift itself has a smaller footprint without the additional above ground frame supports going front and back and lastly access for low cars is improved by them not having the drive over the base frame.

2 post lifts can be designed with symmetrical or asymmetrical columns and arms for the different vehicle positioning that they allow. How the columns and arms are oriented can change accessibility to getting in and out of the vehicle, as well as changes the accessibility to different parts of the vehicle’s exterior. Because the Ravaglioli KPX337WK is asymmetrical the lifting position of the vehicle can be further back than a symmetrical lift would allow for which is no bad thing when considering what vehicles you may be working upon.

Final thoughts on the construction, design and benefits of the Ravaglioli KPX337WK two post vehicle lift.

So having already covered some of the many reasons that make this Ravaglioli 2 post lift such a good choice for many workshops it would be good to end on the final specifications that turn that good choice into a great choice. The two posts that house the rolled screws/spindles are themselves constructed out of a tubular structure that is made of 5 robot welded sections…..and what this means is there nothing sturdier in the world, which is exactly what you want to know when they are supporting a car, van or SUV above your head. The vehicle lifting arms are three - stage short arms for asymmetric lifting of large vehicles. There is automatic arm locking during lifting and automatic unlocking when the arm reaches the floor with a self-locking conical design. Three stage short arms allows for flexibility in the positioning of the vehicle when loading it on to the lift, in short, no pun intended, they are short arms with a longer reach and also recommended for the lifting of off-road vehicles.

The Lions Take - Why we recommend the Ravaglioli KPX337WK

  • design has been refined for over 20years
  • clear floor - no base platform
  • competitively priced
  • CE approved lift
  • drop in lift pads
  • rocksolid mechanical synchronisation levelling system
  • automatic and permanent nut lubrication system
  • tubular structure made of 5 robot welded sections
  • three - stage short arms allowing asymmetric lifting of large vehicles
  • min. pad height 95 mm

So, having shared with you all the reasons why we consider this lift to be a great choice for many situations in many garages and workshops, contact us now to discuss your needs and requirements and we will be glad to assist you.

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